Thank a Journalist Day



Journalists. Whether they’re breaking hard national news or featuring a hometown hero, we need them. Without journalists, there’d be no news, no reputable information sources and no democracy. 

Journalists take risks everyday to strengthen our communities. How can we thank them?

In 2019, a group of advertising and public relations majors at Ball State University worked with their advisor Michelle O’Malley to create a comprehensive campaign centered around the idea that journalism is essential to local, national, and international communities – and that they needed to be thanked.

With the help of the local community, Ball State University, and a vast network of passionate educators, key opinion leaders, and journalists, Thank a Journalist Day was proclaimed official on March 13, 2019. But the project doesn’t end there.  Join us on social media as we share our thoughts about why journalism is important to strengthening our communities. Show your support and thank a journalist, today.

Use the hashtag, #thankajournalist on Facebook and Twitter to show your support.

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